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The principle that animates life in all its manifestations is that “everything that is used for the purpose for which it was created produces well-being , joy and harmony .”
The ” System boards “ that Pedano realized is an application of this Principle . Let’s see why: the human body is a masterpiece of architecture that repeats the constant ratio, the Divine number or Golden Section ( 1.618 …..); let’s analyze the muscles-skeletal system that is its backbone.

The vertebrae have three axes of movement on three planes:

  • anteroposterior – sagittal
  • lateral – frontal
  • upper part – lower part (load) – axial, which becomes longitudinal lying down.

The most important condition which must occur during sleep is to allows and facilitates rehydration of the intervertebral discs, and the conseguent recovery of the vertical dimension, which is reduced in orthostatic position, when you are sitting or standing.

The system Pedano, thanks to the characteristic mobility of the boards, allows the decomposition of the movement up/down (longitudinal) in the supine position and the other  movements, anterior-posterior and lateral, whatever the position during sleep. This allows to release tensions and decompress the intervertebral discs.

In this way, the load gravitary, occured during daily activities, resets, thus allowing the discs to “breathe” and rehydrate. This will enable the column to recover the ability to absorb the loads.

During Rem phase, when dreams occur, two neurotransmitters, recently identified, activate themselves and determin an inhibition of the nervous system so to avoid movements such that could damage to the structure.

Furthermore, the structure muscle-skeletal of the column constitutes the apparatus which has the function of protecting  the spinal cord, a vital part of the nervous system. Therefore it is very important that night rest takes place on a support that ensures the respect of the physiological mechanical and functional parameters of the structure itself.
The optimization of all functions related to the structure will be guaranteed. This will generate the well being of the neurological and neuro motor of the spine and of the  skeletal muscle apparatus.

The Pedano “System boards “ enables one to wake up every morning in the best possible physical and physicological conditions.

Studio Granata
Dott. Angelo Granata, Daniela Granata, Sara Tironi