history since 1966

Since he first appeared in the field in the ‘70s, Pino Pedano has distinguished himself in the Milan area and in Italy for the essential design of his furniture. In the midst of the plastic boom of those years, Pedano instead proposed the return to wood, with his collection of simple, functional, poplar units: trestle tables, cupboards and sofas in kit forms, fruit boxes as bookshelves and pallets that turn into beds.

In parallel to this, his artistic vein came increasingly to the fore, leading him to exhibit

in Paris, Milan, Zurich, London and New York in the space of just a few years. The shift into the world of sleeping occurred after a serious illness, which enabled the artist to discover that healthful sleep not only wards off but can also cure many health problems. In 1994, after a decade of research, he produced the Pedano bed system, comprising natural mattresses, suspended slats, pillows and comforters in which every element takes into account the most detailed requirements of the physiology of sleep.

Attention to the person has always distinguished Pedano in every creation he

has made, and this has been passed on to the second generation: design and art for a global view for health in the home, especially in bed.