Sleeping is the way we daily take care of ourselves.

When our body sinks into its state of unconsciousness, it enters a phase of healing and regeneration. The temperature drops, the tissues repair themselves and memories consolidate. These are all subtle dynamics which have always fascinated men, artists and scientists. However, these processes can only happen if all the elements surrounding the individual during the night’s rest – from bed to pillow – work together to create a protected and welcoming environment.

Pino Pedano, “sculptor of the interior wood”, has dedicated himself for over 25 years

to the research of the ideal sleeping solution, rediscovering materials used centuries ago for their curative benefits and re-examined today in the light of the evolution of the modern society.

The Pedano Naturland sleeping system resulting from this research has been tested throughout the years in regions with very different culture of sleep, from Japan

to the United States.

Artist’s intuition, deep knowledge of man and materials and long-standing experience: this is how the Pedano bed system has been developed.